How to complete the Paranormal Challenge in BitLife

Interact with the supernatural forces in BitLife.

Image via Candywriter

The month of October has arrived, and with it, you can expect plenty of spooky challenges in BitLife throughout the rest of the month. This weekend’s challenge, the Paranormal Challenge, will have you directly dealing with the ghosts lurking in your haunted house. While they might seem friendly, you should expect a spirit to lash out and attack you, so prepare for the worst. In this guide, we’re going to detail all of the tasks for the Paranormal Challenge and how to complete them in BitLife.

These are all of the tasks that you will need to complete to finish the Paranormal Challenge. Unfortunately, you only have a limited amount of time to wrap them up before the challenge ends.

  • Own 5+ haunted properities
  • Exorcise 5+ entities
  • Summon 10+ entities
  • Scare someone to death

The first task requires you to own five haunted properties. You can see that a house is haunted before purchasing it based on the ‘haunted’ title in the name. You’ll need to buy five of these homes, and these are going to be costly. Some are relatively inexpensive, but others can reach millions of dollars, especially if they’re castles. These costs stack up pretty fast, so if you don’t have enough money, this will be a challenging task for you. We recommend becoming a famous musician or athlete.

One of the tasks you need to do is summoning spirits. You can only do this with the spirits you have inside of your home. To summon a spirit, you can find them in the ‘assets’ tab inside your home. Click on the spirit you want to summon, and you’ll have the choice to exorcise them or summon them. Choose to summon them, and you’ll have a brief interaction. However, it increases their activity levels.

The next task is for you to exorcise five supernatural entities. It’s in the same menu you use to summon them. When attempting to exorcise a spirit, you’ll need to pay for an exorcist to do it. The spirits with lower activity levels have a higher chance of being exorcised, so the more times you summon a spirit, the less chance you have of exorcising them, and it becomes more difficult.

The last task you need to do is scare someone to death. This is not a typical interaction in BitLife that you can do with any of your relatives. Instead, it’s a way to murder someone. You’ll want to do this last as it has the chance of putting you in jail. Go to the ‘activities’ tab and scroll down to ‘crime’ when you’re ready to do this. From there, you want to choose to murder someone, and one of the methods will be to scare them to death. We recommend selecting someone you do not know or an older individual in your life based on the options. Hopefully, you don’t get caught, but you likely will.

You can complete all of these tasks at any point in your life. However, because there is no professional requirement for this challenge, we highly recommend you have your character in a successful career with a lot of money, such as becoming famous or being royalty.

Upon completing all of these tasks, you’ll complete the challenge and receive a random appearance item you can use on any of your characters on your BitLife account.