How to complete the Pewdiepie Challenge in BitLife

Image via Candywriters

The week has entered the weekend, and with every start of the weekend, a new challenge comes to BitLife. You’ll have a brief time to complete all of the tasks within the challenge, and when you’re done, you’ll receive an appearance item to go on any character you create on your BitLife profile. This week, it’s the Pewdiepie challenge, so it’s time to post on YouTube.

Here are all of the tasks.

  • Be a male born in Sweden
  • Post only gaming videos on YouTuve
  • Have at least one YouTube videos go viral
  • Get 10+ million subscribers on YouTube

The first task is pretty straightforward. You have to choose to make your character a male, and make sure they’re born in Sweden. You’ll have to start a brand new character to do this.

The next step is to only post gaming videos on YouTube. You can do this when your character becomes 14, and they can make a YouTube account. You cannot do it any sooner. The option to post gaming videos should be on the dropdown menu under the YouTube tab under activities.

You need to have one of your videos go viral. This is all luck-based, so the more videos you post each year, the more subscribers and followers you gain, you have higher chances of getting a video to go viral. This can happen at any time, so continue trying each year to create a video game for it to go viral.

The final task in this challenge is to gain 10 million subscribers. This will take time and dedication. You’ll need to consistently post videos each year, and gain more followers as you become more popular. Your character should have high looks and health to increase the chances of this happening.

When you’ve completed all of these tasks, you’ll have completed the challenge and earn the appearance item for your account.