How to complete the Pride Challenge in BitLife

Show off your pride.

Image via Candywriters Twitter

A new weekend has arrived, and with it, the next BitLife challenge. This time around, players will be celebrating their Pride by participating in the Pride Challenge to celebrate the final weekend in June. Here are all of the tasks you need to finish to complete this challenge.

  • Join the LGBTQ+ Community
  • Find and date 10+ lovers using the Gay Dating App
  • Get married and adopt 4+ children
  • Achieve 100% happiness after the above

The first thing you need to do is join the LGBTQ+ community. Traditionally, you’ll receive a notification where your character can declare themselves however they identify during your character’s life. However, when you reach high school, your character can identify their gender and choose their sexuality. You have to wait until they reach age 14 for this to become available. They can identify their gender at any point.

Once you’ve done that, and your character becomes old enough, they can go over to the Gay Dating application and attempt to go on dates. The program works just like the regular one. You can find it under the Love application, and it’ll be labeled as the Gay Dating application.

After you’ve dated at least 10 people from the Gay Dating application, you can then choose a character to marry and then choose to adopt four children with them. You want to make sure you have a respectable job that earns enough money for the adoption agency to agree to give you and your partner children to care for as loved ones. You don’t have to make too much money, but having enough helps your case.

With all of those tasks completed, the final thing you need to do is achieve 100% happiness. The best way to do this is to spend time with your loved ones, succeed at your job, and purchase luxurious items for yourself, such as new items to wear, cars, boats, planes; anything that you costs quite a bit of money, buy it for yourself to increase your happiness.

After you reach 100% happiness, you’ll complete the Pride Challenge. You’ll receive the exclusive cosmetic item for finishing it, and you can use it on any character you make on this profile.