How to complete the Red Queen Challenge in BitLife

The royal queen has arrived.

The next challenge for BitLife has arrived, and it has to do with royalty. The best way to complete this challenge the fastest will be to have your character born into royalty, which you can do by consistently rerolling them until they are born into it. Also, they will need to be a female because it is called Red Queen Challenge.

These are all of the tasks for the Red Queen Challenge.

  • Become a Queen
  • Stay married for 25+ years
  • Own a haunted royal estate
  • Make 10+ friends
  • Use 10+ different executions methods to kill your friends

The first task for this challenge is relatively straightforward. You need your character to be a Queen, which you can do by being born into royalty as a princess. You’ll want to double-check that the character you make is a female, so they receive the Queen title.

The next thing you’ll have to do is stay married for 25+ years. You can do this by finding a worthwhile husband that you can lavish with gifts and have with you throughout the entire lifetime of your royal life, or get rid of him as soon as the 25-year mark is reached. That part is up to you.

At some point, you’re going to need to acquire a haunted royal estate. A haunted house created in BitLife can be random, but you have a good chance of one showing up with dead family members. Essentially, anyone in your character’s cemetery has a chance of appearing, which means having a character with a long list of dead relatives has the best chance of having a haunted royal estate. Our recommendation is to try creating a lineage. Most royal families have a few extended family members, which helps.

Along the way, you’ll want to make at least 10 friends. You can do this by meeting people throughout your character’s life and staying in touch with them. The key will be to make sure you interact with them at least once a year to keep on their good side. If they begin to dislike you, try giving them gifts or money to increase how much they like you.

The final task for the Red Queen Challenge will be killing off your 10 friends using various execution methods. You can choose to execute your friends at any time by click on them and having them executed as a royal decree. The real key to doing this is making sure that you can remain in the public’s good favor.

Once you’ve completed all of these tasks, you’ll receive a random appearance item for your account.