What is the Cap limit in Fallout 76? Answered

There is a limit to your wealth.


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In a wasteland created after a massive nuclear war, humanity has taken its first steps to recreate what was before the bombs fell. A part of any society is currency, and the currency of choice in all of the Fallout games is Caps. Bottle caps become the go-to form of payment for all of the weapons and Stimpaks that your character needs to survive. Of course, there are plenty of people who want to save every Cap that they get their hands on. So how many Caps can you save before you hit the Cap limit in Fallout 76?

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What is the Cap limit in Fallout 76?

The Cap limit in Fallout 76 was originally pretty low. When the game was first released, you could have a maximum of 25,000 Caps in your possession and not a single Cap more. After a few updates, the limit was raised to 30,000 and then again to 35,000. Now, the Cap limit sits at a total of 40,000. Once you hit the 40,000 Cap limit, the in-game counter will switch from being a number to saying the word “Max.”

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You will mainly get Caps throughout your journey in the game by selling items at the various train station vendors found across the map. There are plenty of ways to get Caps, but the best way is by selling high-value items and possessing a high Charisma score. Charisma affects the number of Caps you will get from selling items. Make sure to hang onto all weapons, armor, and chems that you pick up so you can sell them the next time you are at a train station vendor or one of the wandering merchants.

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Since the increase of the Cap limit, the developers have also added additional currencies like Gold Bullion for you to collect as well. Like Caps, Gold Bullion has a limit but it is much less. You can hold a maximum of 10,000 Gold Bullion per character. Make sure to spend it so it doesn’t go to waste.