How to complete the restless ghost Secret in Hot Wheels Unleashed

Put this soul to rest.


Screenshot by Gamepur

A few of the Secrets in Hot Wheels Unleashed have clues that help you to solve them. Usually, they’ll refer to a car that you need to use to complete a specific race, but others are slightly less clear. This guide explains how to complete the restless ghost Secret with a clue that’s about as clear as mud.

How to complete the restless ghost Secret

The restless ghost Secret node is positioned off to the left of the map in the campaign. Follow the road left and then up, and you’ll come to a roundabout. The Secret in question is in the middle of the roundabout and has a clue that reads, “The legend says that a restless ghost blocks access to this path.” This clue won’t make any sense until you start to close in on the final Boss Race in the game.

To complete this Secret, you need to finish the final Boss Race in the base game. This race is the Ghost Seekers Boss Race. Once you’ve completed the race, this Secret node will unlock and grant you access to the other nodes beyond it. This opens up the path to complete the final few events in the game and finally reach 100% completion, which will unlock another Secret car for your collection.