How to complete the Rocket Man Challenge in BitLife

The myth himself.

Image via Candywriter

A new weekend has arrived, and with it, a challenge in BitLife for players who want to test their skills in the game. The challenge this weekend is called the Rocket Man Challenge, and it’s celebrating musical legend Elton John. You’ll be attempting to create a similar character in the game, and you’ll need to sharpen up your character’s musical skills if you’re going to want to finish it in time.

These are all of the tasks you’ll need to finish to complete the Rocket Man Challenge.

  • Be born a male
  • Master the piano
  • Become a famous solo artist
  • Have a double platinum record
  • Marry a man

The first task on the challenge will be an easy one to complete. When you’re making your character, all you have to do is ensure that they’re a male. However, shortly after they’re born, whenever you have the opportunity to share your character’s sexuality, make sure to mark them as gay. It’ll make attempting to marry a man much easier. You can do that task at any time throughout your character’s life.

The next step is to master the piano. This means you’re going to need to increase your character’s talent with the piano at a very young age. You’ll want to do this whenever you have the chance to take piano lessons, and you’ll want to do it early in your life, so your parents pay for a majority of your lessons. The way to master the piano is to ensure it reaches 100% on your skill bar, so you’re going to need to maximize this skill to master this talent.

Eventually, you’re going to need to become a solo artist. You can do this when you reach 18 years old, and you can go down to the job option and scroll down to the special careers tab. From there, you can choose to become a musician, and you’ll have the option of joining a band or becoming a solo artist. Becoming a solo artist is the hardest thing to do, but with a fully mastered piano skill, you should do this with no problems.

The next thing you’ll need to do is have a double-platinum record. A double platinum record in BitLife is when over 2,000,000 copies of a record are sold. The best way to do this is to sing pop or rap albums as a solo artist and release an album every two to three years. Releasing them too close to one another runs the risk of your fans not buying an album. You’re better off doing it every so often, sharpening your musical talent along the way. Eventually, with the correct album name, advertisement promotion, and album genre, you’ll receive a double-platinum record after several years. Do not expect it to happen immediately; it takes quite a bit of practice.

The final thing you’re going to need to do is to marry a man. As we stated earlier, you’ll want to make sure your male character is gay to make it easier to find a male partner, and with the dating application, you’ll find a man to have as your significant other and marry at any time. You don’t have to do this task immediately.

After completing all of those tasks, you’ll complete the Rocket Man Challenge and receive a new appearance item for your profile.