How to complete the San Bakar Tower Treasure Vault in Hogwarts Legacy

A vault lies deep beneath the tower.

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There are a lot of secrets, hidden mysteries, and puzzles for you to solve as you explore the vast highlands of Hogwarts Legacy. All around the map, you can find various trials and vaults that each contain a puzzle. Some of these puzzles, however, can be a tad frustrating to solve. The San Bakar Tower Treasure Vault, for instance, requires you to move blocks around and put them in the correct spot. This guide will show you how to complete the San Bakar Tower Treasure Vault in Hogwarts Legacy.

How to solve the San Bakar Tower Treasure Vault puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy

Treasure Vaults are small puzzles that appear all around the map. These puzzles require you to perform a task to solve them so you can obtain the treasure. Just like Merlin Trials, they are fairly easy to solve and only require a few actions. The San Bakar Tower Treasure Vault is located in the northern part of the map just below where the San Bakar Tower Floo Flame Fast Travel Point is.

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When you discover the Treasure Vault, use a basic magic attack or a spell like Bombardo to blast away the wood that is blocking the entrance. With the wood gone, head into the Treasure Vault. The room will be empty except for a stack of blocks and a single block sitting on the ground. Before continuing, you will need to obtain the Wingardium Leviosa spell from Professor Garlick. Return once you have done this.

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Use Wingardium Leviosa on the block and use the directional buttons to turn the block around. You will need to turn the block so that the arrow on it is pointing down. Once it is pointing in the correct direction, move the block over to the stack of blocks on the right side of the room. Place the block in the hole at the top of the stack and it will cause the door leading to the treasure chest to open.