How to unlock the Wingardium Leviosa spell in Hogwarts Legacy

A classic spell.

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There are a ton of different spells that you will eventually find and learn in Hogwarts Legacy. While most of the spells you discover will come from the main story, some are obtained by completing side quests for the various teachers at Hogwarts. Wingardium Leviosa is one of the many spells that come from these assignments and it is a spell that will prove useful when exploring the world. This guide will show you how to unlock the Wingardium Leviosa spell in Hogwarts Legacy.

How to complete Professor Garlick Assignment 1 in Hogwarts Legacy

Just like earlier spells in the game such as Depulso, you will get the Wingardium Leviosa spell by completing a teacher assignment as you explore the world. Once you have progressed far enough in the game, you will get a letter from Professor Garlick with an assignment to complete. This assignment requires you to complete two tasks:

  • Acquire and use a Venomous Tentacula
  • Acquire and use a Mandrake on multiple enemies simultaneously
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If you need to obtain the required plants for the assignment, you can easily obtain them by visiting the Dogweed and Deathcap store in Hogsmeade. Purchasing these items together will cost you around 1,000 Galleon. You can also purchase seeds for these plants and grow them yourself in the Room of Requirement or the Herbology classroom.

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To complete the assignment, simply find a group of enemies to fight and use both of the plants during combat. As long as multiple enemies get affected by the Mandrake, you should complete the assignment without any issues. Once the assignment is done, go to the Herbology classroom and attend a class during the day. If you need to fast-forward time, you can do so from the map. After the class is done, talk to Professor Garlick to learn the spell.