How to open and solve the Lower Hogsfield Treasure Vault in Hogwarts Legacy

The block holds the answer.

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Hogwarts Legacy is filled with secrets for you to find and puzzles for you to solve. As you progress through the game, you will uncover various Merlin Trials and Treasure Vaults that each has a mystery for you to figure out. Solve the puzzle and you get some lovely treasure. One such Treasure Vault can be found near Lower Hogsmeade and it can be a bit confusing to solve. This guide will show you how to open and solve the Lower Hogsfield Treasure Vault in Hogwarts Legacy.

How to open the Lower Hogsfield Treasure Vault in Hogwarts legacy

The Treasure Vault in Lower Hogsfield can be found to the south of Hogwarts. Once you reach the hamlet of Lower Hogsfield, continue to go south. along the road and then head east. This should lead you to where the vault is hiding. This Treasure Vault is also near a Merlin Trial.

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Once you reach the Treasure Vault, you will see that the entrance is blocked by a decent number of moving pillars. These pillars can slide out of the way to allow you to access the vault as long as you perform the correct action. Go to the left of the entrance and use Revelio. You should see a handle on a nearby rock. Use Accio on the handle and it will pull a stone out of the rock.

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Return to the vault and you will see that it is now open and you can go inside.

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How to solve the Lower Hogsfield Treasure Vault puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy

Now that you are inside the vault, you will need to solve the puzzle in order to gain access to the treasure. The room, however, appears to be empty when you walk in. Look to the upper right side of the room and you will see a block on a ledge above the statue. This block is needed to obtain the treasure. If you have unlocked WIngardium Leviosa, this makes the puzzle easier. If not, you can use Accio to obtain the block.

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When the block gets close to the ground, you will see the floor shift around. Use Accio or Wingardium Leviosa to move the block to the far end of the floor away from the entrance. The floor will dip and reveal the treasure chest for you to grab. Drop the block on the floor wherever you want so that you can grab the chest and get out.