How to complete the Standing Stones Mystery in Marvel’s Midnight Suns

No Easter eggs for these stones.

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Mysteries are unique quests you can discover and attempt to solve in Marvel’s Midnight Suns. The Abbey grounds are home to many more obscure mysteries than others. Marvel’s Midnight Suns is a supernatural twist on the XCOM formula and spend equal time between tactical turn-based combat and exploring the Abbey. This hub is home to various upgrades, relationship building, and secret missions. It contains dozens of secrets, but the Standing Stones is chief among them. This guide will explain how to complete the Standing Stones Mystery in Marvel’s Midnight Suns.

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How to solve the Standing Stones puzzle in Marvel’s Midnight Suns

The Standing Stones is a location and long-running puzzle that will leave many players perplexed upon their first visit. These obelisks have been in the Abbey for hundreds of years and are related to Hiram Shaw and Agatha Harkness. To access this location and solve this puzzle, you must obtain the Open and Reveal Words of Power. These abilities are crucial to finding and ultimately solving this mystery. Once you have both abilities, head to the Standing Stones location on the map below.

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With the Reveal power in hand, you can cast that spell on the sigil in front of the Standing Stones. This will activate the five stones in front of you, which will now have distinct symbols on each one. 

You must know three puzzle solutions to solve the Standing Stone Mystery. The puzzle solutions are hidden in three parts of the Abbey grounds, but thankfully you can refer to the images below to solve the puzzle without having to find them in the game first. Walk up to each of the five stones, and activate them in the order matching the images below. Each symbol on the Standing Stones must be activated in order from left to right, as shown in the photos below.

1: The first solution is hidden in the Abbey itself, and you may encounter it early in the game without realizing it. Use the puzzle solution below to complete the first Standing Stones Puzzle.

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2: The second solution is in Agatha’s cottage, which can be found far north of the Abbey. Activate the stones in the order shown to wrap up the second puzzle.

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3: The final puzzle solution can be found in Lilith’s Garden after obtaining the Break Word of Power and entering her tomb. That is a long journey, but you can use the image below and solve the third and final Standing Stones puzzle solution.

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Completing each puzzle will spawn a Legendary Arcane Chest to open if you have an Arcane Key. You can earn these keys by exploring the Abbey and solving mysteries in the hub world. Use these three Legendary chests to earn Legendary cosmetics, colors, and Gloss to spend on your crew.