How to get the Purify Word of Power in Marvel’s Midnight Suns

Don’t pollute on Abbey grounds.

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The Purify Word of Power is a magic spell you can unlock in Marvel’s Midnight Suns. Words of Power are skills that allow you to explore the Abbey grounds, open hidden doorways, and find Arcane Chests. These abilities are necessary if you want to find secret collectibles on the Abbey grounds. Purify is the third power you can earn. This guide will explain how to get the Purify Word of Power in Marvel’s Midnight Suns.

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How to unlock the Purify Word of Power in Marvel’s Midnight Suns

Unlocking the Purify Word of Power requires much legwork and the previous two Words of Power to unlock. After you obtain the Reveal ability, leave the cave you’re in, and you will end up in Valley of the Winds. Follow the road and stick to the right when the road forks. Use the map below as a reference.

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Once you reach Hiram’s Church, a new mystery will unlock. Walk into the back of the church until you reach the backroom with tables surrounding you. When standing at the location shown in the picture below, cast the Reveal power to display a bevy of hidden scrolls and collectibles. After obtaining them, cast Reveal to open a hidden door in the back of the church.

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Walk through the new entry and take a right. You will encounter a cave blocked by a purple ward. From this point on, you must speak with Agatha. She will ask you to talk to Dr. Strange and ask him about the ward. After speaking with Strange, he will reach a point where he will let you know if he figures out how to break the ward. From this point onward, you must continue the main story until you’ve defeated Venom and acquired a sample of his Symbiote. Once that mission is complete, Strange will create an item that will let you shatter the ward.

After breaking the ward, use the Reveal power back in Shaw’s church to display hidden maps on the scrolls his desk contains. Agatha will task you with heading to three different Witch covens in these scrolls and gather soil from them. They are located on the map below.

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After bringing the soil samples to Agatha, she wants you to meet her at the Hanging Tree. This tree can be found if you follow the path west out of Shaw’s church. At the tree, cast the Reveal power to unearth the Moon Seal you need to earn the Purify ability.

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You must take the Moon Seal to the Blood Gate across the wooden bridge in the Everflowing Glade region, just north of the tree. Once you’re at the gate, you need to face another challenge mission.

How to complete the Hyppus Challenge Mission in Marvel’s Midnight Suns

The Hyppus Challenge Mission is similar to earlier trials and requires you to defeat 16 Lilin within four turns. The recommended hero level for this trial is 12, but we recommend being level 13 to ensure victory easily. Equip cards for your Hunter that feature Knockback and Quick to damage as many enemies in one turn as possible. If Charlie isn’t holding his weight, pet him after each mission to increase his combat level.

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After completing this challenge, you can enter the cavern and claim the Purify Word of Power. This potent ability will clear out any corrupted vines and growth hidden around the Abbey grounds and allow you to reach the final area in the hub, Lilith’s Garden.