How to complete The Terrible Three quest in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight

Some tips to help you beat this expert pet trainer.

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Since their inclusion, Pets and Pet Battles have grown to become a small yet active community within the World of Warcraft. It’s even gotten to the point where players have different PvP and dedicated world quests to take on. The newest expansion, Dragonflight, has multiple new Pet Battle quests for players to enjoy, one of them being The Terrible Three. Like most Pet Battles, this can be a challenging fight, so we’ve put together this guide to give you some tips on how to defeat this troublesome trainer and get yourself those tasty experience and reputation rewards.

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How to complete The Terrible Three Pet Battle quest

To complete this quest, you first need to find Haniko, a Vulpera NPC who belongs to the Dragonscale Expedition faction. They are located in the Waking Shores, and you can find them at the Dragonscale Basecamp at the coordinates 38.8 83.2.

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Once you’ve found them, you’ll want to ensure you have the best setup to win the Pet Battle. Haniko uses the following pets and abilities:

  • Bloodbiter with the Fade, Bite, and Proto-Strike
  • Faceripper with Bite, Feign Death, and Proto-Strike
  • Tina with Emerald Bite, Death Grip, and Starfall

You can use multiple strategies to win this Pet Battle and complete the quest. However, we recommend that you use the pets BlightBreath, Anubisath Idol, and any pet at level 25. Then, you just need to do the battle in this order of abilities and moves:

  1. Have Blightbreath out first, and use Acid Rain
  2. Follow this up with Dreadful Breath until Blightbreath is defeated
  3. Swap in your level 25 pet and attack however you like until it is defeated
  4. Swap in Anubisath Idol and use Crush (and Deflection where needed) until you win

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As this is a daily quest, it may not be available to complete at all times, so it’s worth checking the map and seeing if it is active. That said, you can still battle Haniko if you want to, regardless of the quest being active.