How to complete the Wall Street Wolf Challenge in BitLife

Sell me this pen.

The weekend has arrived, and the next BitLife challenge for you to complete. You’ll be working on the Wall Street Wolf Challenge this weekend. You’ll have a limited time to complete it before it becomes available. This guide will cover all the steps you need to do to complete the Wall Street Wolf Challenge in BitLife.

These are all tasks you need to work on to complete the Wall Street Wolf Challenge.

  • Become a stockbroker
  • Build a bank balance of $22 million
  • Develop an addiction
  • Contract 4+ different sexually transmitted diseases
  • Purchase and sink a yacht
  • Server 2+ years in prison

The first step will be to become a stockbroker. You’ll be able to do this by choosing to go directly into work or college. Of the two options, we recommend going to college and studying math, business, or finances. After doing this for four years, you’ll need to wait for the junior stockbroker position to appear in occupation. Once you’ve secured this role, you’ll need to work hard for multiple years before working your way up the stockbroker ladder, but this is the correct path you need to follow.

After that, you’ll need to build a bank balance of $22 million. This will only happen with time and diligence. We recommend saving your money as often as possible throughout your stockbroker career.

Next, you’ll need to develop an addiction. This can be to anything, which means having your character drink alcohol or try some form of the drug once or potentially twice. They need to do it enough times to receive an addiction to it eventually, and then you’re good to go. Along with the addiction, your character needs to contract four different sexually transmitted diseases. You’ll be able to do this throughout their life by hooking up with strangers through the dating apps in the game and not performing safe sex.

Eventually, your character will need to purchase a yacht. You’ll need to get your boating license before doing this, which you can receive under the Activities tab, close to the bottom, under licenses. You can grab the yacht from any of the local retailers, and crashing it will eventually happen after taking it out. Surviving these accidents is difficult, though, so you may lose your character once or twice. We recommend having your character learn how to swim by joining a high school swim team before they graduate.

The last thing you’ll need to do is serve two years in prison. You’ll want to do this after completing all of the other tasks as you will be unable to gain much money or have many of the luxuries required for this challenge. You can commit low-level crimes underneath the Crimes tab in Activities.

After completing this challenge, you’ll have the chance to receive one of four appearance items for your character at the end.