How to complete the WAP Challenge in BitLife

How successful is your career?

A new challenge has arrived just in time for the weekend in BitLife. This week’s challenge is called the WAP Challenge, and it has you practicing your vocal skills and seeing how many cats you can adequately take care of while you’re building your musical career. You can expect to spend plenty of time working on your voice skills, but make sure also to spend it with your furry companions. This guide details how to complete the WAP Challenge.

These are all of the tasks in the WAP Challenge that you need to complete.

  • Be born a female in New York
  • Become a stripper
  • Become a famous rapper
  • Have 2+ double platinum singles
  • Bathe 5+ cats

The first thing you want to do for this challenge is to create a new character make sure she is born in New York. You can do this by starting a new life, making sure your character is born a female and then picking to have her be born in the United States in New York.

Your character can choose to become a stripper by the age of 18. You can find the option in the Occupation category. However, the option won’t always be there. If you don’t immediately see it, make sure to refresh all possibilities by aging up and checking back in the occupation choices again.

The next step is to become a famous rapper. You want to do this early on by having your character taking voice lessons. She can do this by going to the Activities tab and picking the Mind & Body option. From there, the final choice will be for your character to take voice lessons where she can improve her vocal skills. You want to do this every year, as often as possible, until she reaches at least 90%, and then when she reaches 18, she can go to the Special Careers tab in Occupation and become a famous musician. To become a famous rapper, she wants to be a solo artist and sign up with a record label. Whenever she releases an album or a single, you want to make sure it’s a rap album.

Now that your character has become famous musician, the next thing you need to do is sell a double platinum single. You want to do this after your character’s career has taken off and steadily becomes a household name, so make sure to produce a few albums and songs before trying to go straight into a single. For a single to become a double platinum, it needs to sell at least 2,000,000 copies, which happens with a lot of time, practice, and a successful career. So long as you choose to release an album and single every two to three years, audience members won’t become bored with them.

The final thing to do for this challenge is to bathe at least five cats. You can do this by having your character adopt cats, clicking on them underneath the Relationships tab in the Pets category, and choosing the bathe them. Not every cat appreciates this, so make sure to spend time with them and offer a treat after doing this.

Once you’ve completed all of the tasks for this challenge, you’ll receive a unique appearance item you can wear on your characters across your account.