How to complete the Wings of the Ten main quest in Horizon Forbidden West

Soar into battle.


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Wings of the Ten is the penultimate main quest in Horizon Forbidden West. You must first complete Gemini and then the All That Remains interlude to unlock it. This guide explains how to complete the quest so that you can get one step closer to the end of the story.

Step 1: Return to Base and lay Varl to rest

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The start of this quest is simple, go back to Base and speak with Zo. She and Aloy need to talk and lay Varl to rest before Aloy heads out to kick things off with her plan. The cutscenes here are stunning and well worth watching if you have the time.

Step 2: Override a Sunwing and Tallneck

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During the Gemini main quest, Beta gave Aloy the override for a Sunwing. After fabricating the override in Aloy’s quarters, it’s time to find and ride one. Luckily, there’s a nest of them above the Base, so climb up the mountain and scope them out. The easiest one to override is closest to the tall grass to the right. Once you’ve overridden it, mount the machine and ride to the nearest Tallneck.

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The Tallneck you need to override is in Shining Wastes. It’s likely the final Tallneck you’ll need to override in the game. Fly over the machine and then land or drop off onto its head so that you can override it and get a lay of the land.

Step 3: Grab a power cell and fly to The Grove

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Your next task is to fly to one of the colossal machines the Old Ones left behind and pick up a power cell. Then, you need to fly to The Grove, where Regalla’s forces are attacking with the intent of overwhelming and assimilating any Tenakth that survives and surrenders.

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Watch the cutscene to see Aloy drop the power cell and ruin Regalla’s plans. However, this doesn’t stop her from wanting to fight, so now you need to battle the leader of the rebels herself.

Step 4: Fight Regalla

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After Aloy challenges Regalla to one on one combat, the fight begins. This battle takes place over three levels. First, you’ll be fighting Regalla up close, so use melee attacks to keep her away and plant traps to trip her up. The next stage is ranged, so use cover and your most powerful bows or spike throwers. We found that plasma damage was the most effective way to deal damage over time. The final phase of the battle takes place in the arena and is a mix between close melee combat and ranged attacks. We pinned Regalla with plasma arrows followed by fire spike thrower attacks, and whenever managed to get the best of us except when we were crafting ammo.

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After you’ve defeated Regalla, you have a choice. You can let Regalla live or kill her. If you kill her, you’ll get a new bow for your arsenal, but if you allow her to live, she’ll join you in the final mission to take down the Zeniths. She adds very little to the story if she lives, so make the choice you feel is right in your gut. This will complete the quest.