How to complete Troll Control in Hogwarts Legacy

Troll! Troll in the field!

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Plenty of people in Hogwarts Legacy need help and you are there to aid them. Most of the side quests in the game come from your classmates and the people who live in the highlands. If you go searching, you will find people everywhere in need of assistance. Alexandria, for instance, needs help dealing with a troll that she attempted to train to help deal with the goblin problem. This guide will show you how to complete Troll Control in Hogwarts Legacy.

Troll Control walkthrough in Hogwarts Legacy

The Troll Control side quest is off the beaten path a bit and can be found in Brocburrow. This area is located on the eastern side of the map, quite a ways away from Hogwarts. It is easiest to wait until you have unlocked a broom so you can fly over to this area. Once there, you can find Alexandria in front of her house. Interacting with her will start a conversation where she tells you about her troll friend.

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Head south of Brocburrow and you will see a large purple search area. Alexandria’s Troll can be found around the center of the search area in a pretty large open area. Before continuing, we recommend that you be close to level 29 before taking this quest on since Alexandria’s Troll is a very formidable foe. Of course, you can always still attempt the fight if you really need the Troll Bogeys.

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When taking on the troll, make sure to pay attention to the rocks that it throws frequently. When the troll charges, dodge and you can get some free hits in when it gets stunned by hitting a tree. You can use your surroundings to your advantage and throw boulders at the troll to deal more damage. Above all else, make sure you have plenty of Wiggenweld Potions so that you don’t lose all your health. Once the Troll is defeated, head back up north to Bocburrow and talk to Alexandria and the quest will be complete.