How to get a broom and fly in Hogwarts Legacy

The valuable ride will require some hard work to earn.

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One of the most beloved elements in the Harry Potter series has been how characters can effortlessly ride brooms and soar for meters on end. Thankfully, the feature has also made its way to Hogwarts Legacy, providing witches and wizards a convenient way to travel throughout the map and see some delightful views. As handy as it is, players should anticipate doing a handful of activities before becoming broom owner. Here is when you can get a broom and how to use it in Hogwarts Legacy.

When to find brooms in Hogwarts Legacy | All broom locations guide

Unfortunately, you will not be able to ride a broom at the start of the game, as you will first need to work your way through the main story quests until you have completed your first Flying Class. Thankfully, the class is quite short, functioning more like a tutorial on how to ride it. Once that is done, you can then make your way over to the Spintwitches Sporting Needs shop in the town of Hogsmeade to purchase a broom.

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Spintwitches will offer five different brooms when you first walk in, with each costing 600 Galleons. Thus, if you are strapped on gold, it may be best to search nearby chests in the area or sell gear at any of the shops. Additionally, the only difference between the brooms are their appearance, so expect each to work just as well as the others. However, shop owner Albie Weekes will give you the Flight Test side quest after buying a broom, and completing this task makes broom upgrades available to buy in the shop.

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After a broom is brought, you can get your first taste of flying by stepping outside of Hogsmeade and opening the tool wheel to select the broom. As some may want to fly during a sunny day in the wizarding world, it is possible to change the time of day through the menus. However, those eager to get to more quests right away may favor fast traveling with Floo Flames.