How to complete We Stand Unbroken in Destiny 2 – Week 4

Rise Queensguard, and protect Earth.

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When you jump into the Season of Defiance in Destiny 2, the We Stand Unbroken quest will be available to work on as you complete the Defiant Playlists. These activities will have you facing off against the Shadow Legion and protecting those taken prisoner by the Cabal that are following The Witness. Here’s what you need to know about how to complete We Stand Unbroken in Destiny 2.

All We Stand Unbroken quest steps in Destiny 2

There are 28 steps to completing this quest, and you can expect each to unlock as you progress through the Season of Defiance. You may need to wait for the next Tuesday reset before the next quest step becomes available.

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Step 1

The first step will be to complete the Righteous Defiance Seasonal Challenge for the first week of Season of Defiance. You can do this by participating in a Defiant Battleground: EDZ mission for the first time and then making your way to the Farm. You’ll be able to see some key story beats and characters that appear at this point, but the next step will be to fly back to Orbit and proceed to the H.E.L.M.

Step 2

The next step is to visit the War Table. Again, Mara will have a message for you, and you’ll want to hear her debriefing on the matter and what’s been happening on Earth.

Step 3

You’ll receive a War Table upgrade for completing the Righteous Defiance Seasonal Challenge. You can now use it at the War Table, where you can pick how you wish to receive your Awoken Favor, which appears during a Defiant Battleground activity.

Step 4

For this step, go to the H.E.L.M., and drop into a Defiant Battleground Playlist activity. You’ll drop in with a fireteam of players, and run through this seasonal activity, while also earning an Awaken Favor during it. You’ll receive it based on the Awaken Favor you picked at the War Table.

Step 5

Your next step is to return to the Farm for a final debriefing from Mara, where she explains her reasoning for helping the Vanguard and working alongside those who serve the light.

Step 6

You will now need to wait for the next wave of quests to unlock, which should appear in next week’s Tuesday reset.

Step 7

Another round of quests is available for the We Stand Unbroken storyline for the Season of Defiance. Make your way to the Wartable on the H.E.L.M. and speak with Amanda to begin.

Step 8

The next step is to go to the Defiant Battleground: Cosmodrome and complete it at least once.

Step 9

Now, you need to unlock a Defiant Battlegrounds chest using a Defiant key, which you can acquire from completing a range of activities in Destiny 2. This step might be completed with the previous one if you enter the Cosmodrome playlist with one already in your inventory.

Step 10

It’s time to return to the Farm and listen to Devrim’s briefing regarding these kidnappings.

Step 11

After the debriefing with Devrim wraps up, it’s another week of waiting for the next series of quests in the We Stand Unbroken seasonal story.

Step 12

It’s time to jump back into the War Table and speak with Mara Sov about the next steps in the We Stand Unbroken quest.

Step 13

It’s time to save another round of prisoners from the Shadow Legion. Go to the Defiant Battleground: Orbital Prison in the E.D.Z., and complete this playlist activity to advance the quest.

Step 14

It’s time to go speak with Amanda and Mithrax at the farm. You can find them to the right of the spawn point.

Step 15

For this step in the quest, you’re going to ned to generate 20 Awoken Favors during the Defiant Battlegrounds playlist activity. You can do this by landing Ability final blows, or by landing Heavy ammo final blows during the battle. The second task is to complete a Defiant Battlegroudns playlist at least once.

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