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How to complete Unfinished Business in Destiny 2

Unlock the secrets hidden away on Neptune.

Unfinished Business is an exotic quest you’ll receive in Destiny 2. It becomes available when you reach the end of the Destiny 2 Lightfall campaign, and you’ll have a chance to earn the exotic weapon at the end: Deterministic Chaos. You’ll have a chance to work through it and complete the many activities available on Neomuna, exploring Neptune for the first time with Calus gone. Here’s what you need to know about how to complete Unfinished Business in Destiny 2.

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All Unfinished Business quest steps in Destiny 2

There are 13 steps you’ll need to complete to work your way through this exotic quest. You won’t be able to work on it until the end of the Lightfall campaign.

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Step 1

The first step will make you go to the Hall of Heroes. This is an iconic location in Neomuna, where you’ll receive a cutscene honoring Rohan, the Cloud Strider who gave his life to protecting the city.

Step 2

After the cutscene concludes, the next step is to make your way to find Nimbus, and they should be at the same spot you can typically find them outside the Hall of Heroes. Nimbus will share that Rohan was certain that the Vex were aware of how the Veil worked and working on a copy. He sends you out on a quest to track down the Vex and figure out what they know by following Rohan’s footsteps.

Step 3

The next step is to find Cipher Qubits and extract Rohan’s data from resources throughout Neomuna. The Cipher Qubits will drop by defeating Vex, which you can find in the Liming Harbor on the south side of Neomuna. In addition, the resources you’re looking to find are called Cloud Accretion, which you can only find on Neptune. We recommend adding an Enhanced Resource Tracker to your Ghost to make it easier to find these locations throughout Neomuna.

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Step 4 – Maya’s Retreat

Now that you’ve collected all the Data Packets you can find after blowing up Vex, the final one will be in Maya’s Retreat. You can find this on the southeast part of the map, connected to the Liming Harbor district. This will be the same location you visited when practicing Strand with Osiris.

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Step 5

When you arrive at the location, a Vex ambush will occur and you’ll need to endure a handful of waves of these attacks. Nothing massive spawns, and there a no big bosses, but the Vex can feel slightly overwhelming if you’re playing this portion by yourself. After you defeat the last of the Vex that appear, return to the Data Packet at the center of the area, and interact with it.

Step 6

Teleport back to Liming Harbor for the next quest step. You can find this point at the Radiosonde, south of Liming Harbor.

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Step 7

After speaking with Nimbus and Osiris, they’ll agree that the next step is to follow the Vex into the Black Heart, which requires multiple materials to reach this point. You’ll be able to find one of them in a Vex Compass, and you can locate this item in the Liming Harbor Lost Sector, also known as Thrilladrome.

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Step 8

With the Vex Compass in your possession, the next step is to make your way to Ahimsa Park and defeat 100 combatants. It’s encouraged to use your Special Abilities to make things go faster, bringing chaos from Calus’ Shadow Legion to his location and drawing attention to yourself.

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Step 9

The next step is will take you directly into Calus’ ship. You need to enter the Typhon Imperator and find Silver Wings. Your HUD should have this location highlighted for you, and you’ll need to explore the ship to locate it. Unfortunately, the map does not have a location for you to follow. You’ll want to follow the waypoints until you reach the treasure vault, and then you can collect the Seed of Silver Wings by interacting with one of the walls in Calus’ treasure vault.

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Step 10

With all the ingredients you need, return to Nimbus at the Hall of Heros and speak with them about how to proceed. You can fast travel to this location at any time.

Step 11

A new mission will be available to you, and you can find it on the way to Maya’s Retreat, next to Liming Harbor. There will be a mission flag for you to interact with, and you can start the mission What Remains. It’s recommended you be at least Light Level 1770 to fight against the combatants on this mission.

Step 12

Upon completing the What Remains mission, you’ll receive the Deterministic Chaos and the blueprint you were sent to retrieve. The next step is to meet with Nimbus at the Hall of Heroes and speak with them.

Step 13

The last step is to enter the Hall of Heroes and honor those who died to save humanity. This will be the back of the Hall, a short distance from where you spoke with Nimbus, and the quest will be over.

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