How to complete Who Is The Glutton That To Greed Did Succumb in Genshin Impact

Quoth the raven: “Who ate the cake?”

Image via HoYoVerse

During the Summertime Odyssey event in Genshin Impact, a mysterious archipelago appears. Players can visit it to participate in activities on the Golden Apple Archipelago’s islands, including the Fischl-themed Twinning Isle. This isle is populated with Dark Raven statues, which form puzzles for players to solve. One specific puzzle asks the question, “Who Is The Glutton That To Greed Did Succumb,” which can be a bit of a conundrum. So here’s how to solve it in Genshin Impact.

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How to solve the Who Is The Glutton That To Greed Did Succumb raven puzzle in Genshin Impact

To get to the puzzle during the SUmmertime Odyssey event, head over to the Golden Apple Archipelago and, more specifically, to the Twinning Isle. There are 11 raven puzzles to solve on the island, but we’re looking for one on the island’s north-western point, near the beach. We have marked the location on the map below.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The raven statues are positioned around a table, discussing who ate the cake. Just like all other puzzles on the island, you have to pay attention to what they are talking about and also remember to watch the scarves of ravens who are talking. That is because they follow these simple rules:

  • The ravens with a blue scarf always tell the truth.
  • The ravens with a red scarf will often lie.

With that in mind, listen to the Questioner raven pose the puzzle:

“Even the raven that feasts on rotten flesh is sometimes enticed to taste what is not theirs…
Seeker of secrets, I wish to know: Who is the glutton that to greed did succumb?”

Listen to statements by the other raven statues, all of which could be the culprit. The cast is composed of:

  • Chef raven
  • Desperate Guard raven
  • Rude Guard raven
  • Picky-eater Guard raven
  • Diligent Guard raven
  • Weird-eater Guard raven
  • Chief Guard raven
Screenshot by Gamepur

Take note that the Diligent Guard is wearing a red scarf, when he says, “I wasn’t here yesterday, it wasn’t me!” which is a lie. That means that it was the Diligent Guard who ate the cake. Interact with the Diligent Guard statue to solve the riddle and claim the prize.