How to craft a Soul Torch in Minecraft

Shine a light on it.

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While a Soul Torch in Minecraft may appear to be like the normal Torches you will see in the Overworld, they have a few different uses. These light sources were added to the game after the big update to The Nether and can be used to keep certain Nether creatures away from that area. Here is how to craft a Soul Torch in Minecraft and what to do with it.

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How to make a Soul Torch in Minecraft

To make a Soul Torch in Minecraft, you will need one Stick, one Coal or Charcoal, and One Soul Sand or Soul Soil. The first two sources are everywhere and can be acquired easily. To get Soul Sand or Soul Soil, you need to find it in The Nether. You can easily find them when you are in a Soul Sand Valley biome. When you have your items, place the Stick in the center slot, the Coal or Charcoal in the top middle, and the Soul Sand or Soul Soil in the bottom middle slot. Move the completed set of four Soul Torches to your inventory to finish it.

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When you place a Soul Torch down, it will create a light source that is not quite as bright as a normal Torch and will not melt Snow or Ice. However, like all other soul light sources, Piglins will stay away from the light. You can place them in locations where you don’t want a Piglin to walk into, either on a wall or the ground.

When you have some Soul Torches, you can use them to craft Soul Lanterns that will put out a little more light than the typical Soul Torch. Use either of these to protect your Nether homes from Piglin invasion.