How to craft the sled in Sons of the Forest

It takes a lot of resources to make a sled.

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The sled is a helpful item in Sons of the Forest because you can use it to help you ferry items from multiple locations. Learning how to craft it can be difficult, and those from the previous game, The Forest, are likely trying to figure out how to make a leaf sled. There is a sled in the Sons of the Forest, but it works differently. Here’s what you need to know about how to craft the seld in Sons of the Forest.

How to make and use the sled in Sons of the Forest

Rather than crafting the sled yourself, this is an item you can make at the 3D printer. A 3D printer can be found at one of the green GPS icons on the island. One of these is located to the south of the beach spawn location, northwest of a cave highlighted on your map tracker. When you reach this location, there will be a small cave close to the golf cart you can enter, and inside will be the 3D printer.

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When you arrive inside the cave, the 3D printer will be inside the room. You can interact with it to select what type of items you want to craft using the 3D printer, which does require resin. The sled is one of these items, but it costs 1,000 Printer Resin, likely a majority of your stock. You can find printer resin throughout the island, typically at the other Green and Purple GPS locations. We recommend visiting these areas to find more resin.

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You can craft the sled at the computer once you have enough. The sled only takes 20 seconds to craft. Unlike the other sled from The Forest, this sled allows you to go down the snowy mountain, making travel through this location much easier.