How to craft TM 029 Hex in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Here is how you can learn to deal massive damage.

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Pokémon Scarlet and Violet feature hundred of different attacks and moves that your Pokémons can learn. Your Pokémons can learn some of these moves as levelling up, and you must teach others. You need to use TMs to teach your Pokémons moves that they won’t learn otherwise. There are hundreds of different TMs you can use, and most can only be used on specific types of Pokémons. One such TM is TM 029 Hex, a ghost-type TM, meaning only ghost Pokémons can learn it. You need to get its materials to craft it, and here is how you can do that.

TM 029 Hex crafting materials and where to get them

To craft TM 029 Hex, you need the following materials:

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  • x3,000 League Points
  • x7 Mimikyu Scrap
  • x7 Greavard Wax

There are various methods to gather League Points, but one is better than the others to get them quickly. You need to go to any Pokémon Centre and use the TM machine. Select the option to exchange materials with League Points, and give any unneeded materials you have. Other methods to get League Points are to fight Tera Pokémon or to defeat Team Star.

To get Mimikyu Scrap and Greavard Wax, you need to find these Pokémons. When you find them, send your Pokémon to defeat them, and when they do that, you will get the materials from them. You can also battle them and make them go faint or capture them to loot the materials.

How to craft TM 029 Hex step–by–step

If you have all the required things, you can easily craft TM 029 Hex by following the steps below.

  • Go to any Pokémon Centre and interact with the TM machine on either side of the counter.
  • From the option, select the one to craft TMs.
  • Scroll down to find TM 029 Hex.
  • Hit the interaction button and confirm to craft it.