How to create and use a fermenter in Valheim

You need to brew your mead somehow.

Crafting mead in Valheim means you need to gather tin from the shores of your world’s river, smelt it down, and then craft a cauldron. The cauldron will be how you create the base of your alcoholic beverage, but it’s not finished. You can’t drink the base. You need to let the beverage ferment for a few days, and to do that, you need to craft a fermenter.

The fermenter is an item you can make once you’ve gathered all of the ingredients to make it. Here’s everything you need, and you have to make sure you set the fermenter down in range of a forge.

The most difficult item to locate on this list will be bronze. You need to gather up plenty of copper and tin from the nearby Meadows and Black Forest regions. Tin frequently appears on the shore next to any bodies of water. Copper appears as a large deposit, sticking out of a hill. The technique to copper is you want to mine it and then continue going down into the ground because the larger deposits are in the earth, not on the surface. Once you have those two and smelt them into ingots, you can blend them to create bronze at a forge.

For fine wood, you’ll need to create a flint ax, or better, to cut down birch trees. These typically appear in the Meadows, and later in the game, in the Plains. Resin, the easiest item to find in the game, will drop off when you cut down almost any tree and after you defeat Greydwarves.

With those ingredients in your inventory, and you’re in range of your forge, you can set down your fermenter and place your mead base inside of it. A fermenter can only accept one mead base at a time, so you’ll want to create four or five fermenters to brew your drinks eventually.

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It takes three days for your mead to finish brewing, and unlike the food you eat, drinking mead does not fill up your stomach. There is a brief two-minute cooldown that exists before you can chug another dose, but it’s far more forgiving than the food you have to wait to clear your stomach.