How to customize cars in Gran Turismo 7

Players won’t be able to change their car’s appearance from the start.

Image via PlayStation

Aside from the importance of the tuning shop, it is even more essential players in Gran Turismo 7 have a well-designed car to strut down the finish line with. From rims, paints, to even spoilers, players can change just about every external part of their vehicle with the almost limitless set of customization options in the game. Though, the feature will take some time to be earned.

As GT7 puts a much larger emphasis on the single-player campaign than past games, many features — like car customization — will be locked in the early stages of the campaign. To use this customization menu, which is known as GT Auto, players will first need to complete the Mini-Cooper S ’65 challenge given through the Café menu. In total, it will take at least 12 races to get to this point, as there are a few other sets of challenges that come before it.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Once unlocked, players will open GT Auto to find options for car customization, car maintenance services, and driver customization. Car maintenance is the newest of these features and allows drivers to fix or wash any sections of their car that may have been damaged during a race. GT Auto even includes the ability to change and edit liveries, especially those transferred from Gran Turismo Sport.

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