How to deal damage from inside a vehicle in Fortnite

It’s a team effort.


Now that cars have been added to Fortnite, it introduces lots of fun new opportunities, especially for people who play in Duos or Squads. Just likes boats and Choppas, multiple players can get into a car. While one person will be busy driving or flying, everyone else can just do damage using their weapons.

One of the challenges for Chapter 2 Season 3 Week 8 is to deal 10,000 damage from inside a vehicle.


In Choppas, as long as you are on the skids, you will be able to shoot your weapons as normal and throw any items you have like grenades or gas bombs. The pilot can also damage people with the rotor blades.


The driver of the boat can deal damage using the rockets, while everyone else can shoot their weapons from inside the boat.


As long as you are not driving the car, you can hold the aim button to lean out the window and fire with your weapons normally. If you only like to play solos, some quick seat swapping will allow you to switch to the passenger seat, lean out the window, then shoot. Or, you can be like us and just run people over.

Ideally, you will be able to complete this challenge in Duos or Solos, where someone else can drive while you shoot. Unfortunately, as of this guide being published, cars cannot be used in Team Rumble, so you will be unable to finish the Week 8 challenge in that mode.