How to defeat Brenna Banamadr in God of War Ragnarok

The flame troll at The Plains.

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God of War Ragnarok has a variety of optional bosses for Kratos and his companions to take on. One of the bosses you might find is Brenna Banamadr, a flame troll amid The Plains in Vanaheim. This boss is quite easy to miss as the area itself is rather unexplored by many. As such, it is a fun challenge for players to take on. Here is how you can defeat Brenna Banamadr in God of War Ragnarok.

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Brenna Banamadr Guide- Tips and Tricks

You will find Brenna Banamadr on the eastern side of The Plains, where the Mystic Gateway and Celestial Altar is located. Just after you climb down from the structure where the Gateway and Altar are located. The fight will start immediately as Brenna Banamadr will walk toward you. A Flame Gradunger and a couple of Draugr will also try to kill you. Quickly dispose of them using any weapon.

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Then, you can start the fight with the fire troll. It initially goes for attacks with the pillar it’s carrying by throwing it at the ground. The area of impact is big here so dodging is the best option. The troll also goes for attacks with its legs. Just moving away from them will do the trick.

The powerful lava attacks with its hands can spread in all directions so you will have to avoid them quickly. Using the arrows will do just fine here. As it is big, it won’t be able to spot you that much, so go for attacks when it doesn’t have you in its line of sight.

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The trick to weakening it is to find the moments when it just waits for you. During that time, use long-range attacks with the Leviathan Axe or Draupnir Spear. When you use these attacks, it will be stunned for a short time. Go toward it and use all of your light and heavy runic attacks. It will do some serious damage to the troll.

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After that, it goes for more lava and leg attacks, so be sure to avoid them. Sigil Arrows are a great side weapon to use here as they take small chunks of health. It also uses a lava variation of the leg attacks which makes it vulnerable. This attack is also unblockable so you will have time your counters perfectly. Beware as sometimes bursts of lava can hurt you if you continuously attack its leg.

Continue with the methods above and his health will be completely depleted. Use the Finisher to finally defeat Brenna Banamadr.