How to defeat combatants using Snowballs in Destiny 2

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The Dawning event is underway in Destiny 2, giving fans the opportunity to celebrate the holiday season with their favorite NPCs in the game. The primary way players will do this is by speaking with Eva at the Tower and going through The Dawning’s various activities, baking cookies for everyone, and spreading cheer. You can also spread cheer with the several enemies in the game by hitting them with a Snowball. Here’s what you need to know about defeating combatants using Snowballs in Destiny 2.

How to hit enemies with Snowballs in Destiny 2

The Snowballs you need to use against enemies can be found throughout the system. We recommend going through Europa’s lost sectors, tracking them, and interacting with them. When you do, your character picks them up, and they can throw them at nearby enemies. If the target is low enough, they will perish from the attack.

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You will need to acquire Snowball attack upgrades from Eva at the Tower. You can find her in the middle of the courtyard and want to ensure you complete the first Dawning quest you receive from her. This quest will take you through the basic steps of how to participate in The Dawning 2022 event, which for many, should not be a new occurrence. It requires you to go around the solar system, taking out specific enemies and eliminating them using various weapons from your arsenal. They have a chance to drop these ingredients.

When you complete enough of these tasks and you work through a handful of Eva’s bounties, she rewards you with Dawning Spirit. You will need to use this Dawning Spirit to purchase the Snowball upgrades from Eva, and then you can take them with you into combat. We recommend grabbing these upgrades to make it easier to eliminate enemies.