How to defeat Elemer of the Briar in Elden Ring

The master of the telekinesis blade.

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Elemer is a difficult boss to deal with who uses telekinesis to attack you with his weapon from afar. He is a deadly opponent who isn’t afraid to come at you with a ton of strong attacks. Are you ready to deal with this threat? Here’s how you defeat Elemer of the Briar.

Elemer location

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Elemer of the Briar is located in the Shaded Castle in the northern part of the Altus Plateau. You can easily reach this area by going north along the lower path from the Erdtree-Gazing Hill Site of Grace. The boss resides at the top of the Shaded Castle in a small room. Be careful of the poison surrounding the area and the Cleanrot Knight enemies.

Elemer attacks

The boss has a fair amount of attacks that he can use against you. Among these attacks is a weapon art that allows him to psychically throw his sword and recall it. Here are the attacks you need to watch out for.

  • Telekinsesis Swings – Elemer will throw out his blade and swing it at a medium distance before recalling it.
  • Shoulder Charge – The boss will put their shoulder forward before charging at you.
  • Shield Slam – The boss will quickly grab his shield off of his back and slam it on the ground causing a small AoE.
  • Drill Attack – The boss throws their weapon forward causing it to spin like a drill. Getting caught in this attack will also throw you backward.
  • Quick Sword Throw – The boss will throw out his sword before recalling it quickly.
  • Grab – The boss’ hand will glow red before he grabs you. This is followed by a large downward sword swing.

How to beat Elemer of the Briar

While Elemer seems intimidating, most of his attacks are easily dodged. If you go in for melee combat, be sure to strafe around him to try and hit him from behind. If he starts to swing his weapon, dodge to the left or right to easily avoid it. The only attacks you really need to watch out for are his grab and shield slam but these are easy to see coming.

If you choose to use ranged attacks, watch out for the telekinesis blade attacks that Elemer can perform. These are easy to dodge if you roll forward or backward. Be careful rolling backward because the blade can move farther away from Elemer at times making it so you get hit. Stick to faster spells that you can easily keep moving with. Charged spells will ultimately get you hit.