How to defeat Glyph Master Raz and collect the Spire Artifact in Fortnite

Time for a reckoning.

Screenshot via Gamepur

The final step of the Spire Challenges in Fortnite is to take on Glyph Master Raz. He can be found at the center of the map, patrolling near the Spire in place of the Guardian Assassin that has been patrolling the region.

Glyph Master Raz can be a bit of a handful and has some attacks that players should watch out for. He is also very tough, with a lot of health and shields.

Players should loot up as much as possible before going after him, grabbing full shields, some extra pots, some heals, and plenty of weapons. Being able to engage from medium range is a great idea because Raz has a little trick up his sleeve.

If you get too close, Glyph Master Raz will attack with a beam of energy that latches on to the players, draining their health and bypassing their shields. To break it, you need to get a certain distance from Raz. Line of sight will sometimes break it, but not always.

If you are just outside of range and he goes for this attack, Raz will just float in the air and become an easy target, making it a simple task to chip away his health and shields and eliminate him.

When he is eliminated he will drop his Mythic Explosive Bow and the Spire Artifact that you need to pick up to complete the mission.