How to defeat Moder in Valheim

The mother of all drakes.

Moder is one of the several bosses you can battle against in Valheim. She’s a dragon, and she resides in the Mountains biome. The Mountain biome is particularly difficult because you have to find a way to endure the freezing damage, but several methods are used. Once you can withstand the winter chill, locating Moder is the next step and defeating her.

How to find Moder

Much like the other bosses in Valheim, you need to find a runestone that points to her exact location. We were able to find them in some of the ruined buildings that are tucked away throughout these biomes. You’ll want to explore these locations, and you can expect to find plenty of skeletons protecting them. But these enemies are pretty easy to defeat by this point in the game.

How to summon Moder

The item you need to find to summon Moder is dragon eggs. These are different than the other summoning items you’ve already been finding for the other bosses because these each weigh 200 pounds. You’ll want to make sure to obtain the Megingjord belt from the trader to increase your carrying weight by 150. From what we can tell, you can find the dragon eggs nearby where you summon Moder, so you shouldn’t have to carry them around your world to bring her to position, but you can always store them at your homestead to summon Moder multiple times. You need three dragon eggs.

How to defeat Moder

When you’ve placed all three dragon eggs at the altar, you freely summon Moder. She is not summoned when all three eggs are placed. You can put those down to return to it when you’ve come back with the proper gear and your group to take her down. Interact with the altar at the center and then summon Moder.

You might have guessed that Moder is a dragon, a wyvern, specifically. She starts the encounter in the air and is flying around the immediate area where you’re fighting. We fought her at the top of the mountain and had to be wary about falling over the edge. You can also expect the other frost drakes to appear and assist with the fighting. Moder will fire out ice blasts just like her smaller drake counterparts, but her’s become crystals that will eventually explode, so you want to keep away from those. Her ranged frost attacks are her most deadly attack. You want to keep away from these as much as possible, and you want to have a high reserve of arrows to keep firing at her.

Moder can also land and swipe at you from the ground. Her swipe attacks did extremely low amounts of damage when we were battling her in full wolf and iron armor. When she’s on the ground, we recommend assaulting her and attacking her quite a bit to do as much damage as possible with your melee weapon. Moder will also use a frost breath attack while in this form.

Throughout the battle, Moder swaps between being on the ground to flying in the air. Of the two, having her on the ground is far better for you because of how little damage her claw swipes do.

After you’ve defeated Moder, you’ll receive her trophy from taking to the summoning circle, and you’ll also gain the dragon’s tear item to make various new crafting stations.