How to defeat the Arktan group in Astria Ascending

In some ways, it’s harder than the actual bosses.

Image via Artisan Studios

The group of Arktans in Astria Ascending act as a mini-boss standing between players and the area’s true final boss: Argon. After going though Pisces Temple and defeating Anun, the party of demi-gods head toward the Blazing Fields near Arsion.

While Argon might present issues, the Arktan group can pose an even greater threat for those that aren’t prepared. Read below to help if you find yourself struggling.

Beating the Arktan group

This battle consists of two Arktan Soldiers, an Arktan Assassin, and an Arktan White Mage. The Arktan Assassin buffs the party, leading to devastating follow-up attacks. The Arktan Soldiers are your typical damage dealers, but combined with the Arktan Assassin’s buff, they can wipe the party quickly. The Arktan White Mage, on the other hand, stands back and heals teammates.

We recommend a party composition featuring a healthy mix of magic, healing, and buffs. If one of your party members also happens to double as a decent physical damage dealer, that’s even better. For this battle, we used Ulan, Dagmar, Eko, and Kaydin with the Hunter main job equipped.

As a Hunter, Kaydin is capable of buffing Dagmar while also dealing high physical damage between buffs. Cast Haste on Dagmar as soon as the battle starts. As Dagmar, you’ll want to prioritize the Arktan Assassin first. He’s weak to air and water damage.

Use Ulan’s Taunt command when viable to draw damage away from your main healer and Dagmar. Because Haste lasts for three turns, there’s no harm in attacking with your Hunter until it needs recasting. None of the Arktans are resistant to nor nullify physical attacks.

After taking down the assassin, focus on the soldiers. They’re weak to ice damage, resist light magic, and absorb fire. With the assassin down, the soldiers shouldn’t deal enough to damage to cause too much concern. At this stage, to be on the safe side, we recommend using both Ulan and Eko to heal. Dagmar’s magic combined with Focus will outpace the mage’s healing capabilities.

Once the soldiers are down, the mage poses no threat. He’s weak to earth and dark damage.