How to destroy the Fairy Shrines in Wytchwood

The Pixies made us do it.

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During the Snake storyline in Wytchwood, you’ll eventually have to track down three missing Mirror Shards that have been scattered across the map. One is at the bottom of the Forest Well, one is surrounded by dancing Stick Totems in the Swamp, and one is in the Pixie Tree in the Forest.

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The Pixies aren’t keen to part with this Shard though. They’ve been holding on to it to ward off their rivals, the Fairies, who the Pixies claim are afraid of shiny objects. So before they’ll give you their Mirror Shard, you’ll have to do them a favor: destroy the three Fairy Shrines around the Forest

Destroying each Fairy Shrine requires first neutralizing the aggressive creature (or creatures) lurking nearby. Once you do this, simply interact with the Shrine to destroy it. The locations of the three Shrines are marked on your map and you can destroy them in whatever order you choose.

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To destroy the shrine in the screenshot above, you’ll have to first dispatch the nearby Dryad. To do this, you’ll need a Cinderbox. If you don’t already have one in your inventory, it can be crafted with one Campfire Ember, one Rodent Lard, and three Fireflies. With a Cinderbox equipped, wait for the Dryad to approach you, and then ignite it.

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For the shrine above, you’ll have to deal with the aggressive dog patrolling the area. To do this, sedate the dog with a Soporific Morsel. If you don’t already have one in your inventory, you can craft it with a Soporific Potion and a Meaty Morsel. Once it’s equipped, simply toss the Soporific Morsel in the direction of the dog. The dog will eat it and instantly fall asleep.

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To destroy this last shrine, you’ll have to distract the surrounding group of Goblins. To do this, you’ll need a Dreadful Doll. If you don’t already have one, the Doll can be crafted with three Grain, three Hopper Legs, and a Sewing Kit. Once you equip the Doll, throw it at your feet to generate an aura that will paralyze nearby Goblins with fear.

With the Fairy Shrines now destroyed, simply return to the Pixie Tree and the Pixies will give you their Mirror Shard.

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