How to disable the magic gates in Disney Dreamlight Valley – Mystical cave puzzle

Atlantean technology is still the best.

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There are a lot of mysteries to solve in Disney Dreamlight Valley. In the wooded area of Dazzle Beach, you will find a cave that holds a secret; the Orb of Power. To obtain it, you need to get past multiple magic gates that utilize technology straight out of the Atlantis movie. This guide covers how you can break the magic gates in Disney Dreamlight Valley and solve the mystical cave puzzle.

How to disable the magic gates

You won’t be able to gain access to this cave until you talk to Ursula. Once you do, she will give you a crystal that will allow you to access the mystical cave. Go inside the cave and make your way down the ramp to find the first of the magic gates. Here, you will find a riddle that will tell you to “provide the gem that matches best” for each of the statues.

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The statues each have a light on them; one green, one blue, and one red. Go around the valley and start mining the large black rocks to get the gems you need. We recommend taking a resident assigned to the mining role with you to increase your likelihood of getting gemstones. Match a Peridot up with the green light statue, an Aquamarine with the blue light statue, and a Garnet with the red light statue. Doing this will break the first barrier.

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The second barrier will give you a riddle that mentions three food items that you need to plant and grow in front of the statues. It does not matter what order you grow the food in as long as it is the right food. You will need:

  • A crop grown in the ground
  • A crop that is gold and brown
  • A crop that is red and round
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The seeds you need to plant are a Carrot, Wheat, and Tomato. Planting one of each of these in front of the statues won’t disable the barrier. You will also need to water them and wait for them to grow. Once all of the crops are grown, the barrier will disappear.

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The final barrier is another riddle, but it is relatively simple. This riddle will tell you to cook what you just grew. This means that you need to cook Wheat, Carrots, and Tomatoes at the provided cooking station. This recipe will create Veggie Pasta. Eat it in front of the barrier to make it disappear, granting you access to the rest of the cave.