Madden 23: How to activate X-Factors in MUT

Use that ability wisely.

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Like in Franchise and other modes in Madden 23, players can use abilities and Superstar X-Factors in Madden Ultimate Team (MUT). However, these X-Factors need to be activated in order to be used in Head to Head Seasons and MUT-related modes. So, how can you activate X-Factors in Madden Ultimate Team? Let’s look at what you need to know, including purchasing X-Factors and how many one can have active.

How and how to activate X-Factors in Madden NFL 23

In order to activate X-Factors in Madden Ultimate Team, go to the ‘My Team’ section of the UT menu and click on ‘Adjust Lineup.’ After doing that, move the left stick to the right side of the screen, and scroll down to the Active Superstars section. Click on the Manage Abilities tab, which should, in most cases, have the text ‘+0 Active Superstars’ above it.

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Once that is done, you will be able to see the players that have an available X-Factor to equip in your lineup. Click on a player in the screen, and click A/X to activate it. Press it again to deactivate the X-Factor.

A couple of notes on X-Factors: only six players (three on offense, three on defense) can have an X-Factor active. If you have more than three players on your teams that have an X-Factor that can be activated, use Y/Triangle to deactive any other X-Factors that are available to get under the limit.

Second, X-Factors can be deactivated and activated during the game at halftime. And third, Training will need to be used in most cases to unlock X-Factors slots and new ones. In the lineup screen, hover over a player and hit X/Square to bring up the player options. Select ‘Upgrade,’ and then pay the Training Cost needed to unlock the X-Factor & Abilities option.