How to do a chip deke in NHL 23

Chip it through.

Screenshot by Gamepur

One of the more useful dekes that a player can use in NHL 23 is the chip deke. This move can be used by a puck carrier to chip the puck past a defender, which can in turn allow for the possessor to move past and around the other man. If you find yourself constantly getting stuck in the neutral zone by opposing defenders, the chip deke should be of use. But how can you do a chip deke in NHL 23? Let’s take a look at the controls.

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How to do a chip deke in NHL 23

To do a chip deke, you will need to press a combination of buttons. For the Xbox platforms, hit LB + RT. On PlayStation, select L1 + R1. Those are all the controls that are involved for a chip deke.

We should also note that it might help in some cases to ensure that the puck is right on the forehand. For right-handed players, shift either the right stick (for Xbox) or right analog stick (for PlayStation) to the right. For left-handed players, move either stick to the left. You can do the chip deke without this control, but if you want to make sure that it’s done with the puck on your forehand, this added step might help.

This, however, is just one kind of a deke that can be done in NHL 23. You can find additional guides on how to do a litany of others, including the lacrosse-style Michigan, or the Kucherov. Plus, we have control layouts and tips that can be found via our comprehensive deking guide.