How to do a Power Stance in Elden Ring, and what it does

Increase your power using this specific stance.

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The Power Stance mechanic in Elden Ring is similar to what you may have done in Dark Souls II or III. The wording of the mechanic is similar, but there are important details about it that are extremely different. For returning Souls fans, you’ll want to make sure you recognize what this means and how it changes your use of the Power Stance. In this guide, we will cover how to do a Power Stance and what it does in Elden Ring.

The mechanics in Dark Souls II and III for Power Stances were highly mechanical, and not every player may have figured it out. However, for Elden Ring, all you have to do is have two weapons of the same type in your character’s hand. While like this, your character will enter a Power Stance. They can then use this stance’s attack when they click the guard button and swing both weapons simultaneously. To hit a guard stance, click the LB buttons on your Xbox controller or the L1 buttons on your PlayStation one.

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This way, your character can get more out of having two weapons equipped. The attacks done while in a Power Stance are greater than two-handing a weapon, but you’ll still want to upgrade your weapons to make sure they can deal more damage.

Screenshot by Gamepur