How to do an outside foot shot in FIFA 23

A valuable tool in the FIFA 23 meta.

Screenshot by Gamepur

One useful tool that has been popular in the FIFA 23 metagame is the outside foot shot. This has become a gem for some FIFA players, since it has proved to be valuable when it comes to scoring. What is event more useful about this mechanic is that it also is rather easy to learn, especially for newcomers to the franchise. So, how can you perform an outside foot shot in FIFA 23? Let’s take a look at the controls, plus some tips on how to use it during games.

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How to do an outside foot shot in FIFA 23

To perform an outside foot shot in FIFA 23, here’s what you will need to do. First, move the player towards the net. Next, gear up for the shot by aiming and lining up using the left analog stick.

The next step is to hold down the shot button, and hold down either LT (for the Xbox consoles) or LT (for the PlayStation consoles). This should activate the outside foot shot animation.

Outside foot shots have become a strong option for shooting the football outside of the box in FIFA 23. Since in a lot of cases you’ll be shooting towards the next from a great distance, it is important to hold down the shot button enough so that the shot itself has enough power. Keep that in mind when attempting an outside foot shot while on the pitch.