How to do Exodus: Preparation in Destiny 2

The darkness waits for no one.

Destiny 2

Zavala needs your help preparing for what’s to come in Destiny 2. He’s becoming increasingly wary of the pyramids that bring more darkness to the solar system. Rather than wait idly by, he wishes to work with you to react to the Season of Arrivals’ situation leading up to the next expansion set to release in September, Beyond Light. The Exodus Begins quest will start on the Tower, and you can speak to Zavala, who you can find at the center, behind the Eververse store, to get started. 

Step 1 – Task at Hand and Fortifying Titan

The first task Zavala has for you brings you to Titan, where you need to speak to Deputy Commander Sloane. You can find her next to Siren’s Watch fast travel point. After talking to Sloane, the quest becomes Task at Hand, and you will need to complete a Weekly Bounty for Sloane to defend against the pyramid. Sloane has two available, one of them involving a Strike available on Titan and defeating Hive, and the other has you kill Hive on Titan while completing three patrols. Return to Sloane after completing the weekly bounty. She will thank you for assisting in preparing the planet.

Step 2 – Preparing Io, Novel Data, and Plotting a Downfall

The next step is to visit Io to speak with Asher about assist him with preparing the planet for what’s to come. You need to go to The Rupture fast travel point. Much like Sloane, you will need to complete a weekly bounty for Asher to prepare the planet. You can choose to complete three public events on Io or perform 60 abilities against enemies to progress the quest. Return to Asher at The Rupture once you have finished.

Step 3 – Report back to Zavala

After helping Sloane and Asher, you’re ready to return to Zavala to report how things had done. Upon completing the quest, you will receive a masterwork grenade launcher, The Militia’s Birthright. Despite the reward, your work is not over, and your next step is to speak with Brother Vance on Mercury to assist him.

Step 4 – Preparing Mercury and A Brother’s Guidance,

You will want to travel to The Lighthouse fast travel point on Mercury and make your way to the top of the tower to speak with Brother Vance. Much like the previous quest steps, you will need to complete a weekly bounty for Brother Vance to prepare Mercury for what comes next. Your choices include completing a Strike and defeating 75 combatants or to defeat 7 Minotaurs or Hydras and perform 10 finishing attacks against combatants on Mercury. Once you finish up the weekly bounty, return to Brother Vance to advance the quest.

Step 5 – Preparing Mars and Breytech Support

The next person you will have to visit is Ana on Mars. You can reach her by fast traveling to Braytech Futurescape and then speaking her inside of the large building where you arrive. Similar to the previous steps, you need to complete a weekly bounty for her. Your choices include defeating 60 Thralls and using melee against 25 combatants or performing a Strike on Mars and defeating 75 combatants. After you wrap up the weekly, return to Ana to progress to the next step.

Step 6 – Report back to Zavala

After assisting Brother Vance and Ana on their respective planets, report back to Zavala to tell of your progress. You will not receive a weapon for completing the quest as you did the first time you reported back to Zavala, but you do unlock the Triumph Exodus: Preparation.