How to do right and left stepovers in FIFA 23

A very slick move.

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One of the more notable moves in both the real world and FIFA 23 is the stepover. The stepover brings a lot of explosiveness with it and can be a very handy move to use in order to beat defenders in both online and offline play. How can you do a stepover in FIFA 23? There are a number of different stepover moves in FIFA 23, so let’s go over each kind and the controls.

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How to do right and left stepovers in FIFA 23

The directions for each stepover are relatively easy to figure out, as both require the use of the right analog stick. This holds true for all versions of FIFA 23.

To do a right stepover in FIFA 23, shift the right analog stick over to the right side. Then, turn the stick clockwise. Think of the analog stick like the hands of a clock, and move it in that direction. To do a left stepover in FIFA 23, shift the right stick to the left. Then, move it counter-clockwise, or the inverse of how a clock’s hands move.

In FIFA 23, there are also reverse stepover moves. To do a right reverse stepover move, move the right stick to the right stick, and then turn it counter-clockwise. For a left reverse stepover mode, move the right stick to the left, and then turn it clockwise.

Keep in mind that for FIFA 23, all the stepover outlined above are considered two-star Skill Moves. This means that a player must have a minimum of two-star Skill Moves in the attributes section in order to successfully attempt one of these moves.