How to do supply missions for crafter EXP in Final Fantasy XIV

Level your crafters with these Grand Company daily quests.

Image via Square Enix

Joining a Grand Company offers a number of perks to Final Fantasy XIV players, including supply missions. These missions request certain items per day. After trading these items in, players can earn a sizable amount of experience points for each of your crafters. This is a great way to passively level your Disciple of the Hand jobs with a bit of work once per day.

Speak with your Grand Company’s Personnel Officer

Each of the three Grand Companies in Eorzea — The Maelstrom in Limsa Lominsa, The Order of the Twin Adder in Gridania, and The Immortal Flames in Ul’dah — have the same set of NPCs at their headquarters. Among them will be the Personnel Officer behind the counter. Speak with them to pull up a menu, and then select Undertake supply and provisioning missions. The available supply missions will appear as a list of requested items to turn in that day. You’ll see the number of items requested, how many experience points you’ll get, the amount of Grand Company seals you’ll earn, and a list of how many of the items you already have in your inventory.

You can also pull up the Timers menu to check on this list, in case you’re not at your Grand Company. Select the Next Available Missions tab to review a list of the currently requested items. But you’ll have to speak with your Personnel Officer to physically turn everything in for your rewards.

Turn in the requested items

Once you have the items, bring up the supply missions menu and turn them in. Turning in high-quality items gives you even more rewards, so it’s always worth it to go after these. Craft the items yourself or buy them on the market board. It doesn’t matter how you acquire the items as long as you turn them in on time. In theory, these supply missions allow you to level up without ever once crafting anything yourself, assuming you have the money to spend on the market board. You can do this for each of your available crafting jobs once per real-life day. At the bottom of the supply missions menu, you’ll see when you’ll be able to do these missions again in Earth time.