How to do the Baby Mama challenge in BitLife

Who doesn’t want to start a family?


Image via Candywriter LLC

A new challenge is available in BitLife for a limited time called Baby Mama. You may want to lower your character’s morals because you complete this challenge you need to be a little carefree. Here are all of the requirements for the challenge:

  • Be a male
  • Father 20+ children
  • Have 20+ wives
  • Each child must be born to a different wife

What you need to do to complete this challenge is primarily spend time dating and marrying women, which can be difficult because some women may not want to marry you unless you have been with them for a few years. You don’t have to start a new life to complete this challenge, so it might be a good idea to do when your character has a lot of money, and then pass it on your male kid. The more money you have, the less you have to worry about having a job, keeping up finances, and providing gifts to these woman.

You do have to marry the woman you have the child with. Make sure to date them for a year or two, and then try to purpose to them. Provide them with plenty of fancy gifts before doing so to increase their attitude towards you. Once they agree to marry you, have a child with them immediately.

To complete this challenge, it’s a good idea to reach out and have plenty of woman who like you in your life. It can be people at a job, the club you’re at, or the ones you meet on the side. While the woman has to be your wife to have the child, you can still perform infildeities to increase how many woman you know and keep into contact with. After you had the child with your wife, divorce them to end the relationship, and then reach out to one of your other flings to see if they want to start a relationship.

It will be plenty of trial and error because 20 wives in a single life is difficult, whereas the children part of the challenge is relatively straightforward. Make sure to have plenty of money before attempting this challenge to make it easier.