How to Do The Memento Exotic Quest and Get Bastion in Destiny 2

After you input the solution for the Corridors in Time quest there’s a brand new exotic quest available from Saint-14 in Destiny 2.

The Memento Quest requires you to ask for the Spider’s assistance.

With the solution of the latest Corridors in Time quest wrapped up in Destiny 2, players now have access to a brand new exotic quest in the game. To start the exotic quest, you need to do the Corridors of Time quest Osiris gives and go through the Infinite Forest with this solution. After that, return to Saint-14 at the Tower to begin the quest.

Step 1: Spoken Word – You need to gather Fallen intel in the Tangled Forest to learn more about why Saint-14’s light is going off in that region, despite him being on the Tower. Go to the Tangled Forest and run through the area, taking out any Captains or Servitors you find in the area. You can start the next step after you take out five of them.

You shouldn’t have to go too far to locate Fallen Captains and Servitors. If you spawn into Thieves’ Landing and roam the region, the Captain and Servitor there repeatedly show up enough to grab five pieces of intel without too much effort.

Step 2: Lost Connection – After gathering the intel, you can make out Saint-14’s name is said repeatedly over the connection, and another you don’t understand. You now need to take what you’ve learned to Spider to see what you need to do next. You can find Spider to the left of the Thieves’ Landing spawn point. Load in there and go to the left. There’s a small, hidden entrance you can go inside to speak to him.

Step 3: Backroom Brawl – With the Spider’s help, you narrow your search to the Lost Sector The Empty Tank in Tangled Shore. You need to go there and confront Aksiniks, Bound by Honor, who is making Ether bets in the backroom. You won’t have to go too far from Spider. 

The Empty Tank is right next to Spider’s hideout. Proceed inside and interact with the console, the Fallen Vandal is standing at the front of the room to open the back room. A Fallen Captain should run out that you need to take out before going inside.

Step 4: Talk to Spider – When you wrap up taking out Aksiniks, you need to return to Spider with the note you found on them. The Spider can fill in the context of the note to help you along your next section of the journey.

Step 5: A Strong Arm – With Spider’s help, you have an idea of where you need to go next. However, he wants you to do stuff for him. To proceed to the next step, you need to perform 10 bounties for Spider, take on 30 challenging enemies, and complete eight public events.

To wrap up Spider’s bounties quickly, you want to grab the four daily bounties he has available. They consist of basic tasks you can do on Tangled Shore. The other six can be the weekly bounties he has where you need to take out a particular foe. However, after you wrap up the four daily bounties, you can return to Spider to grab more of them if you do not want the weekly options. If you do, choose weekly bounties that are on Tangled Shore or attempt to grab others found throughout the solar system. Try to keep them on the same planet as much as possible. The weekly bounties require to perform public events on Tangled Shore or to go through Lost Sectors on other worlds.

Step 6: Rude Awakening – With all of the dirty work finished for Spider, he was able to figure out a location for you. You now need to make your way to Trapper’s Cave Lost Sector in Four-horn Gulch on Tangled Shore. 

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When you reach inside of Trapper’s Cave, you don’t have to complete the lost sector to find the grave you’re looking for. It’s right under the waterfall. Interact with the location, handle the explosive Fallen that spawn into the game, and then retrieve the weapon.

Step 7: Altered Chief – The next step in your journey tasks you with doing battle against a Fallen Captain who has become a Scion. You can face him on strike called The Hallowed Lair, Moment. You can find it on the main map for the Tangled Shore when you open up your director. When you’re ready, proceed into the strike by yourself with a fireteam of your choosing. You will find the Scion you need to fight near the end of the strike.

Step 8:Talk to Saint-14 – With the Scion taken out, you can return to Saint-14 on the Tower. He’s waiting for you by his ship in the hanger to return him his old weapon. Saint-14 is thankful for what you did but believes you should keep the gun. You now have the exotic Fusion Rifle Bastion in your possession.