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How to drink potions in Hogwarts Legacy

Drink up.

There is a lot going on in Hogwarts Legacy from exciting magical combat and dungeon diving to catching beasts and brewing potions. Potions are one of those tools that aren’t necessary but they will certainly help you out if you decide to use them. There is everything from potions of invisibility to the Maxima Potions that increase the damage output of your spells. This guide will show you how to drink potions in Hogwarts Legacy.

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How to use potions in Hogwarts Legacy

Potions are just one of the many mechanics in Hogwarts Legacy that coincide with the fast-paced combat that you will encounter. You can rely on potions to give you an edge by increasing your damage, hiding you from enemies, or even lessening the damage you receive. Your first interaction with potions will be during potions class with Professor Sharp. After this class, you will be able to down some potions at any point as long as you have them crafted.

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You aren’t shown how to use potions in the game but it is a relatively simple process. For starters, hold down the L1 on PlayStation, LB on Xbox, or the Tab key on PC. This will bring up the tool wheel which shows all of the potions and combat plants that you have access to. With this menu up, use your right control stick or mouse to select the potion you wish to use and then let go of the tool menu button.

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With your potion equipped, simply press the tool wheel button to use the potion. This will make your character drink it and receive the effects. This is not, however, how you use Wiggenweld Potions. To drink a Wiggenweld Potion, press down on the D-Pad on both Xbox and PlayStation. On PC the health potion button defaults to the G key.

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