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How to find the Werewolf Tapestry room in Hogwarts Legacy

A tragic tale.

Hogwarts Legacy is filled with countless secrets for you to discover with the castle containing a large number of them. It seems as though you can never truly find every hidden room inside Hogwarts but you can certainly try. One of the many secrets held in the castle walls is the Werewolf Tapestry Room. This room tells the story of Werewolves and of a mother who fled from her home to protect her daughter and husband. This guide will show you how to find the Werewolf Tapestry Room in Hogwarts Legacy.

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Where to find the Werewolf Tapestry room in Hogwarts Legacy

The Werewolf Tapestry room is similar to other hidden rooms like the kitchen where you have to locate a specific area of the castle. The means of entry, however, is a bit different. If you are looking for this room, start by heading to the Bell Tower Wing of the school and traveling to the Bell Tower Courtyard Floo Flame fast travel point. As soon as you spawn in, take the path to the left and go up the stairs.

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Enter the first door that you see which will be at the top of the first set of stairs. This will lead you to a stairwell. Instead of going up the stairs, go down and go through the door on your right. Turn to the left and you will see a large tapestry depicting a mother and daughter with a large letter ‘K’ at the bottom.

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This is the entrance to the Werewolf Tapestry room. Entering it doesn’t require any special tricks. You simply need to walk through the large letter ‘K’ since it is a hidden doorway.

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How to solve the Werewolf Tapestry puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy

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After going through the hidden door, follow the hallway to find a large room with a bunch of tapestries. This is known as the Werewolf Tapestry room. While there are many who believe there is a puzzle in this room, there actually isn’t but there is a fun trick you can do with the tapestries. If you walk up to a tapestry and cast Lumos, the tapestry will change and show you more of the story that the tapestries depict.

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