How to duplicate Remembrances in Elden Ring – Multiple boss weapons

Add more boss weapons to your arsenal.

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After defeating one of the major bosses in Elden Ring, you’ll gain a Remembrance after fighting them. These Remembrances will be ways for you to obtain the bosses’ weapons, so long as you take them back to the Roundtable Hold and give them to the Finger Reader. Each Remembrance only has one choice, and they disappear after you use them. However, you can obtain both boss weapons by duplicating the Remembrances. This guide covers how to duplicate Remembrances in Elden Ring and earn multiple boss weapons.

You’ll need to find against the giant turtles with buildings on top of them, also referred to as Walking Mausoleums. You’ll need to see these structures in the world, and when you do, approach them with your horse and start to attack the back of their feet. First, you need to destroy the white skulls attached to their skin and knock them off. The white skulls are on the back of all of their feet.

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The turtle will crash down after you destroy at least two sets of these from separate feet. You can now climb inside the Walking Mausoleum, and you will find a corpse. There, you can duplicate any Remembrance you’ve encountered, even if you’ve already used it with the Finger Reader, to receive the weapon you might have missed out on before.