How to earn hearts in Sky: Children of the Light

Hearts are an important but hard-to-get currency in Sky: Children of the Light. Here’s how to collect more.

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Sky: Children of the Light is a social game, and hearts are tied to many of its social mechanics. They’re used to purchase cosmetics for your character, but they can also be gifted to other players to show appreciation for them.

However, there are very few ways to collect hearts in-game, so saving up for the cosmetics you want or having enough on hand to give to your friends can take quite a long time. If you want to make sure you’re collecting as many hearts as possible in Sky: Children of the Light, here’s what you need to know.

How to collect hearts

As you play through Sky, you’ll unlock Spirits in every realm you visit. These Spirits can grant you emotes and other cosmetics, but they can also be used to get a heart. Every Spirit in the game will trade you one heart in exchange for three candles, but since you can only do this once with each one, it isn’t going to take long before you use up all the hearts you’ve gotten this way.

Sky Children of the Light Spirit
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You’ll also find locations around the world where you can leave message candles for other players to read. Try to leave a message every chance you get, because any time a message you leave receives 10 likes from other players, you’ll receive a heart back at your home shrine. Keep in mind that only your friends will be able to see the message at first, and it will only be visible to the public after it receives three likes from them, so it helps if you make more friends in Sky.

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The best method of getting more hearts also involves getting some help from your friends. Whenever you encounter a friend in the game or access the Friend Constellation from your Home Space, you’ll be able to send your friend one of your hearts, but it will also cost you three candles. You can only send each friend one heart per day, so the more friends you have, the more people there will be to potentially send you a heart each day.

How to use hearts

Aside from gifting them to friends, hearts are used to purchase cosmetics for yourself in Sky. Developer thatgamecompany frequently adds new cosmetics to the game, so the selection is always changing. The types of cosmetic items include different colors of capes, different hairstyles, masks, clothes, and musical instruments. They can range in price from two hearts to up to 30 hearts for the rarest items.