How to earn candles in Sky: Children of the Light

Candles can buy Expressions and useful abilities in Sky: Children of the Light. Here’s how to get more.

Sky Children of the Light candles

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Sky: Children of the Light is mostly a social game, meant to be explored and experienced with friends rather than mastered, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t goals to reach and collectibles to find.

While there are several types of currencies in the game, candles are the most plentiful and the most useful. You’ll be able to gather candles as you play naturally, but if you’re having trouble coming up with as many as you need, there are some ways to make candle farming easier.

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How to get candles in Sky: Children of the Light

To earn candles, you’ll first need to gather a resource called light. Once you’ve gathered enough light, it will be converted into a candle. You can tell how close you are to earning another candle by watching the candle meter on your screen fill up as you collect light.

The primary way of finding light in Sky is by lighting candles in the environment. As you play, you’ll find small candles scattered all over the world of Sky. When you approach one, you’ll be able to light it, causing a few orange orbs to float out of the candle. You’ll earn light and fill your candle meter by collecting these orbs.

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You can only collect light from each candle once per day, but the candles all reset every 24 hours, meaning that you can replay each of Sky’s kingdoms every day to gather more candles. Every day, one kingdom will also be selected to receive bonus candles, so you can earn the currency quicker. Whichever kingdom has bonus candles that day will have a set of red candles sitting outside its portal in the game’s hub. Make sure you prioritize the kingdom with bonus candles every day to fill your meter as fast as possible.

Sky Children of the Light
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Though they’re not as plentiful, dark plants can be burned to gain light as well. These plants also reset every day, but they require multiple players to burn them, making them a bit trickier to manage.

To get a few extra candles quickly, head to the Valley of Triumph area. There are two races that you can compete in once per day, and each one will give you a full candle upon completion, plus you can gather additional light along the way.

What are candles used for in Sky: Children of the Light?

Candles are used to purchase a wide variety of things in Sky. You’ll mostly want them to buy new emotes, spells, and abilities, but they can also be used to add other players as friends. If there’s nothing you can buy with candles that catches your eye or you want a quick way to earn hearts instead, you can trade three candles to a spirit for one heart, but only once per spirit.