How to earn Supercharged XP with the Fireplace in Fortnite’s Winterfest

Fortnite Fireplace

Winterfest in Fortnite is now live for all players, and Epic Games has given players a multitude of things to do for the event. There are daily Presents and challenges for players to complete as well as some hidden secrets to uncover.

Among those secrets is a way to earn unlimited Supercharged XP for your Battle Pass. Supercharged XP allows players to power-level their Battle Pass to Tier 100 and even beyond that.

To earn the XP in Winterfest, make your way to the Cabin from the Fortnite lobby. Once in the Cabin, navigate to the Fireplace and click the option to use it as your screen saver. As you’re watching the flames, you will earn around 5,000 Supercharged XP every five or so minutes.

Fortnite Cabin

There’s no limit to how long you can do this. So if you’re still looking to advance your Battle Pass tiers, hop in front of the Fireplace and soak up all the Supercharged XP you want.

Once you feel you have enough, you won’t need as much XP to earn a Tier in the Battle Pass. This trick works until Winterfest concludes on Jan. 7, so make sure to take advantage while there’s still time.